The socio-economic impact of FTTH

The objective of the study commissioned by the FTTH Council Europe was to investigate the socio-economic impact of fiber optic networks. It followed up on a study from 2009. Back then, Sweden and the region around Nuenen in the Netherlands were genuine pioneers in the deployment of fiber optic networks. Today, both regions continue to lead the field in terms of the take-up rate of FTTH/B connections.

The current study used a survey of 1,018 Swedes and a case study of municipalities of different sizes in Sweden to trace developments in that country. A case study was also carried out for the Nuenen region.

The results of the study underscore the positive effects of fiber optic networks on the digitization of society and businesses. In Sweden, there has been a significant migration to FTTH/B connections since 2007. The results of the study show that Internet users are significantly more satisfied with such connections than those using DSL or cable connections. Among FTTH users, 83% say that they find their Internet connection to be above average or well above average. Among consumers in Sweden with DSL and cable connections, only 52% and 72% respectively are similarly satisfied. FTTH users particularly appreciate the speed (87% agreement), the breadth of services available (62% agreement) and the price-performance ratio (51% agreement) of their connection. Consumers with FTTH/B connections are also much more active online. They use more connected devices and Internet-based services c than those with other connections.

In Nuenen, fiber optic networks enable both innovative care services for an aging rural population and cutting-edge agricultural practices. It is therefore not surprising that the community and its citizens continue to be heavily engaged in the expansion strategy. The aim this year is to connect even the most remote farms to the fiber optic network.

In both Sweden and Nuenen, the results of the study underline the relevance that municipalities can have in the successful implementation of fiber optic expansion.

The study as well as two presentations of Iris Henseler-Unger are avalilabe for download.

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The socio-economic
impact of FTTH

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