Modelling of the costs of a full country covering ultrahigh-bandwidth network for Switzerland

In Switzerland, there are again intensive discussions about the achievement of a nationwide expansion of ultrahigh-bandwidth networks. According to the OECD, Switzerland has a top position in the availability of ultrahigh-bandwidth and also the FTTH expansion is above the European average. However, availability is neither nationwide nor homogeneous within and between regions. On behalf of the National Council, BAKOM therefore had to prepare a report, which shows options for closing existing gaps in coverage. The most feasible technologies should be used. For the discussion, the costs of further ultrahigh-bandwidth expansion in the unexploited areas should be estimated. Different supply scenarios should be calculated taking into account different broadband technologies and performance parameters (FTTC, FTTS, FTTH-PtP). In doing so, the question was asked which broadband technologies are relevant currently or will be in 5 years (bandwidth, symmetry, latency, etc.). It was discussed, how far a market-driven, profitable ultrahigh-bandwidth expansion can go and what additional subsidies would be needed.

The study (in German language) is available for download.

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