OTT Services - Colour to the Internet

Over-the-Top (OTT) services use the public internet to create added value for consumers. A prominent example of these services are applications that enable rich interactions between consumers by sending pictures and videos, facilitating group chats and offering other innovative functions such as mobile payment or ordering a taxi. Also, consumers can use OTT services to stream their favourite media anywhere and anytime.

Surprisingly, there are limited consistent insights across two or more years for market development of OTT services in Germany. Consequently, the present study extends two studies published by WIK and Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in 2016 with new data. To achieve comparability over time, this study revolves around the same research questions as the previous studies. Additionally, the study provides consumer insights to inform current public debate about algorithms and data privacy.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviour, the present study uses a mixed-methods approach. We surveyed a representative sample of more than 1,000 German consumers. To aid interpretation of the quantitative results, we also conducted 20 semi-structured interviews with consumers in Germany.




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