Nationwide fibre deployment in Bavaria

WIK was commissioned by the Bavarian parliamentary group of Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen to carry out a study on the topic of "area-wide fibre optic networks for Bavaria". The study deals with the status quo of broadband expansion in Bavaria, the state government's broadband policy and determines the costs of a nationwide FTTH development. Figures for the current FTTH expansion stand indicate that this is an important task. Although Bavaria, with a fibre-optic availability of 9.3%, is slightly above the German average of 7.1%, the coverage extends primarily to urban areas and, compared to other European countries, only reaches one of the final places. Our cost estimates show that a total of almost 11 billion euros have to be invested in a nationwide fibre optic network in Bavaria. With regard to the promotion of broadband in Bavaria, the study identifies an urgent need for action in order to orientate the funding towards the development of fibre optics.

The study (in German language) is available for download.




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