Assessment of the technicalities of VULA products in the context of a State aid investigation

Precondition for granting state aid for a FTTC VDSL Vectoring NGA network architecture in Germany is the approval, that wholesale VULA (Virtual Unbundled Local) Access products are offered which meet the characteristics set by the market 3a definitions and the accompanying staff working document. WIK was mandated by the EC DG Competition to specify these criteria based on the market definition and best practice in Europe, before comparing these with the notified German VULA products. Deficits the products have been improved until meeting the requirements set by DG Competition. WIK’s expert opinion has been adapted to the final, approved product state and now is publicly available on the EC DG Competition homepage. It describes the results of the European best practice VULA benchmark, the VULA criteria, especially for meeting the product definition freedom of wholesale seekers regarding FTTC VDSL Vectoring VULA, and the criteria check with the finally notified products, resulting in their approval by the Commission.

The study is available for download.

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