The Study Series of WIK consist of final reports of research projects carried out by WIK.


More Competition by Simplifying Switching

More than 70% of Germans use digital comparison tools. Out of these, 55 % have got rid of a contract that is too expensive or not optimal. A study by WIK-Consult shows further positive effects.


Competitive situation on the Swiss broadband access market

Ensure competition on the basis of a regulated wholesale product for ultra-broadband access


Call-by-call and preselection in Germany

The study for the Association of Telecommunication and Value-Added Service Providers (VATM) shows the importance call-by-call and preselection in Germany


WIK report discusses new approaches for the fibre rollout in underserved rural areas

Cooperations and wholesale-only networks increase the extent of regions which can be supplied with fibre on a commercial base


The future of market regulation

Nationwide fiber networks in Germany are necessary for the transformation into the Gigabit society. Adequate frame conditions have to be implemented that support and accelerate the fiber rollout.


Reasonable principles as guidance to spectrum auction design

Spectrum auctions should be designed as an efficient bargaining mechanism which fulfils the principles of the Coase Theorem.


Substantive issues for review in the areas of market entry, management of scarce resources and general end-user issues

Study on market entry, management of scarce resources and telecom specific consumer protection in the internal market in the context of EU-impact assessment


Current and future technological access options to all fixed telecommunication infrastructures in the Netherlands

Analysing market 3 and 4 of the EU-market recommendation one has to extrapolate network access development on copper, fibre and coax cables until 2025 and its impact on wholesale in a significantly consolidated market.


Evaluation of the broadband initiative bmvit 2015/16

WIK and its Austrian partner WIFO have evaluated the first phase (2015/16) of the Austrian broadband State aid Program. The results of the evaluation have been presented in June 2017.


Changes in Consumer Behaviour in Germany

German consumers increase their use of OTT services

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