SMP Guidelines Workshop

Following the publication by the European Commission of the draft Guidelines on Significant Market Power, WIK is organising a workshop in Brussels on 27 March 2018 to discuss the proposed changes to the Guidelines, underlying case law, and the practical implications for NRAs and the industry. The workshop will feature presentations and discussions on the following subjects:

  • Introducing the draft SMP Guidelines: In the first session, the proposed guidelines will be introduced by Anthony Whelan, Director for Electronic Communications at the European Commission, DG Connect, with a reaction from Johannes Gungl, the 2018 BEREC Chair.
  • Indicators for Joint SMP: The second session will feature experts from WIK and Gibson Dunn Crutcher. A focus will be on elaborating principles and indicators that may be relevant when assessing joint SMP in markets in which there is pre-existing regulation.
  • Implications for national market analysis: In this session, we will hear from national regulators about their experience in analysing concentrated markets, as well as the implications of developments such as co-investment and bundling for the market analysis process. We will then discuss what implications proposed changes to the Guidelines may have.
  • (How) should oligopolies be regulated? The workshop will conclude with a panel in which experts and academics provide a critical analysis of the proposed guidelines, and reflect on the respective roles of competition law, SMP regulation and symmetric regulation in addressing perceived problems in concentrated telecom markets.



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