Gigabit Networks for Germany

WIK has supported the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in the context of its White Paper Digital Platforms. In the course of this project WIK publishes its report "Gigabit Networks for Germany". The study particularly concentrates on the following research questions: 

  1. What are main characteristics of gigabit networks and which technologies fulfill the prerequisites to contribute to a gigabit society?
  2. What are main incentives to invest in gigabit networks and what coverage scenarios can be expected against this background? 

  3. What alternatives do policymakers and regulators have to further the spread of gigabit networks and how can these alternatives be judged from an economic perspective? 

The study recommends to maintain the existing regulatory framework, but suggests to make some refinements within this regime. Against the backdrop of the relevance of the topic, necessary decisions need to be adopted in the short term to make sure that the aim to transform Germany in a gigabit society remains achievable. 

The study in German language is available for download.

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